New York townhouse

By adding a large extension onto an existing building with a footprint of only 19 x 40 feet, Archi-Tectonics converted this townhouse in Soho, New York, into an 8-story vertically stacked tower of rooms, wrapped within a lattice envelope functioning as a climatic skin. We addressed the challenge of nearly doubling the size of the townhouse by restoring the existing brick building meticulously, and assembling the additional program above as interlocking volumes. Interior and exterior spaces alternate and intersect to maximize spatial variety, while strategic cuts allow light to enter deep into the building section, and create curated views towards the surrounding neighborhood. 

Role on the project
For this project, I worked on multiple construction drawing sets for approval by the Department of Buildings and filing of Post-Approval Amendments (PAA) together with the project architect. I visited the construction site to meet with the General Contractor (GC), created various digital visualizations, animations, energy saving calculations through Rhino + Grasshopper and Ladybug, and created multiple submissions for awards (Archi-Tectonics was nominated for the 2020 "Rethinking the Future Awards").