Max Boerman Architect - Designer - Visualizer

Archi-Tectonics was invited by Kristin and Hans Jurgen from the Aedes Gallery Berlin to exhibit “Flatlands & Massive Things - From NL to NYC & Beyond”, which opened March 15 2019. The opening was preceded by a panel titled “Precision, Prototyping & Prefabrication: Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done”, exploring innovation in architecture through the direct collaboration between architects & manufacturers. Six multiple-scale projects were showcased, highlighting Archi-Tectonics’ use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems to produce innovative and elegant structures. Specifically, 512 GW Townhouse | V33 in New York | Soho Hotel Tower, New York | the mixed use Blaak Tower, Rotterdam | Inscape Meditation Concept space, and the recent design for the Asian Games 2022 Park in Hangzhou, China were featured. The exhibition panels themselves were made from a lightweight, yet very strong material, making such a large span possible.

I worked on the materials for the exhibition, which included several 5 meter tall panels with renderings, diagrams and photos, and a physical model for one of the stadiums of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games project.