Max Boerman Architect - Designer - Visualizer

Selected from a group of 5 international architecture firms, Archi-Tectonics won this competition for the 2022 Asian Games with a bold and innovative design, fusing landscape and building program into a tree-dimensional land-form. Like pebbles in a river, two iconic stadiums and various other building objects are forming the gravitational nodes of a fluid park landscape for the surrounding city. In collaboration with !Melk landscape design, Mobility in Chain, and Thornton Tomasetti structural engineers, the team created a multi-functional 47ha sports park with a table tennis and a field hockey stadium, a semi-recessed fitness center and visitor center, a sunken shopping mall and multiple parking garages, with a total construction area of 188,000 m2.

During the Schematic Design (SD), the Development Design (DD), and Construction Design (CD), I worked on the project as main designer. This included facade and interior design for both the stadiums, seating design, collaborating with the structural engineers and facade consultants regarding the structural systems of both stadiums, design of interior program and testing to local Chinese code, material studies, creating digital visualizations, working on complete drawing sets for all phases, and being in direct contact with the local architect, our consultants, and the client.