Max Boerman Max Boerman Architectural Designer

"De Beeldenfabriek" in Rotterdam specializes in architecture visualizations since 1998. A team of over 40 professionals create high quality and stunning artist impressions, 3D animations and VR experiences.

Role at the company

During my studies, I discovered a strong affinity for the use of 3D software to assist in the design process and to create artist impressions. For this reason I took on a part-time job in architectural visualization during my graduation at De Beeldenfabriek. My role at the company was to create architectural designs in 3D, and to capture the essence of the project with materials, surroundings and light. The designs are built based on 2D drawings, or on Revit models, with the software 3ds Max. In this program the entire building, the surroundings, natural elements such as plants, grass and trees, and people are built in 3D, to enable VR experiences. Itoo Forest Pack and Railclone are used to model the surroundings, the renders are made with Vray, and Photoshop is used for the finishing touch when creating artist impressions.