Max Boerman Max Boerman Architectural Designer

This proposal for the 2017 Evolo skyscraper of the future competition, that I entered with Sjoerd Poelman, investigates a possibility to address the issues of overpopulation with self-sustaining towers on sea, connecting the continents Europe and North America. The towers function as the pillars for a bridge structure that runs from London to New York and contains a Hyperloop system, a reduced-pressure tube with motorized capsules on air bearings, transporting you to the other side of the Atlantic in less than 5 hours in a completely sustainable way. The system is fully electric and powered by solar panels on top of the tube shaped bridge. Solar stills underneath the tube structure produce clean drinking water as a result of vaporized salt ocean water. 

The towers offer a great amount of housing, combined with office spaces for working. These two areas are connected by a public space with a park like character, offering places to sit and walk, surrounded by trees and with a broad view on the open ocean. The second fa├žade layer creates more intimate spacing and separate living communities in this mega structure. It also introduces an area with green house characteristics, suitable for vertical farming. The platform at the bottom of the tower provides a large park with grass fields, trees, pathways and football-, tennis- and baseball fields. The level under the park is a solar collector, connected to a solar chimney that is located in the center of the tower. Air is heated in the collector and flows up the chimney, powering wind turbines to generate energy. Under water below the island is a waste burning facility. The heat is used to heat up the air in the solar collector, together with the sun. The emissions are filtered by a venturi scrubber, to reduce the amounts of CO2 in the air.