Max Boerman Architect - Designer - Visualizer

In April 2019, Archi-Tectonics joined a competition for the design of a landmark for Qianhai, on the coast of Shenzen, China. The proposal for the Qianhai Liquid Horizon Monument is a new type of landmark for the city of the future and the citizens of today. No longer an inert, representational marker in time and space, it is in itself a fluid and emerging landmark, creating a sense of history and rootedness through its communal experience and use. Simultaneously tranquil, massive, ethereal and technologically audacious, it forms an urban mirror between water, sky and earth, reflecting, but also offering reprieve from, the emerging mega-city. The Liquid Horizon is a symbol for the future of Shenzen. Using innovative technologies and evocative design, it creates a visionary model for a sustainable future, while offering visitors a sublime and spectacular urban experience.

I worked as a main designer on the project. This included site-, history-, and traffic analyses and conceptual design in the first phase of the project. After this initial research phase, I worked with a team on the design of the landmark building, the site, and the sustainability concept. For the competition we created renderings, diagrams, plans, and sections.