Max Boerman Architect - Designer - Visualizer

Natural History of the Future

The image that comes to mind when thinking of a classic Natural History Museums is one of grand lobbies with towering dinosaur skeletons, and enfilades of galleries with specimen and vitrines. While we appreciate the spatial grandeur and engineering audaciousness of these structures, our current understanding of science and “the natural” has far progressed beyond the taxonomic, merely descriptive model this classical model represents. We now understand Nature and our position within it as a complex and dynamic system, with blurring distinctions between natural and artifice, dissolving long established categories and hierarchies.

Our Natural History Museum of the Future therefore proposes a model that incorporates this new complexity and interconnectivity at its very core – A awe-inspiring overarching structure that communicates the public significance of the building, housing a network of continuous exhibition zones, local ecosystems and habitats, promoting science, learning and future innovation.